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This is the most important letter I’ve ever sent you. I want to tell you about something going on very close to my heart. The proposed Eagle Sulfide mine in the Upper Peninsula of my home Michigan poses a threat to every living thing in the Yellow Dog River watershed.

The company proposes to blast under a trout stream and through a sacred rock outcrop called Eagle Rock by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Furthermore, the mine is proposed on public land and only 10 miles from Lake Superior. Kennecott’s project could pave the way to a metallic sulfide and uranium mining district throughout Michigan’s wild Upper Peninsula. The situation recently escalated with the unlawful arrest of local Big Bay citizen, Cynthia Pryor for “trespassing” on public lands, which spurred members of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community to occupy Eagle Rock.

I have written a new song called ‘Eagle Rock (song for the people)” and it will be made available for FREE to everyone. All I ask is you visit these sites, educate your self about what is going on and PLEASE make a donation to those brave heros who are holding off one of the largest and most egregious violators of indigenous peoples and our mother the earth.

THIS IS NOT A LOCAL PROBLEM IT IS A GLOBAL PROBLEM. Jessica Koski, a member of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community spoke at Rio Tinto’s shareholders meeting in London as were people from Calfornia, Madagascar, West Paupa, China, Namibia, Indonesia, and Bougainville Island. Please Listen to the song .. give it away and tell others what is going on. Please help me stand up for a river and the people at Eagle Rock!

-drew nelson
human being.

Listen: Learn: Donate. 
Eagle Rock (song for the people)





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